Yoga & Workshop Offerings

Yo-Gong with Jordan New

Yo-Gong is a fusion of Yoga, Qi gong, body awareness, breath-work, challenging postures, therapeutic movements and meditative practice. This workshop is a unique experience to boost vitality, and is available to all levels of practitioners.

Heart-Shine Vinyasa with Kristen Starkey

During this hour and a half, I will lead the group through a series of postures and exercises designed to work, open, and relax the body before a long night of groovin and moving. The class will also focus on setting intentions for yoga practices and how to use them to put forth energy into the universe using light bodies and physical bodies as amplifiers. Aromatherapy, physical touch (as consented), guided visualisation meditation, and chanting will be incorporated to enhance and amplify the experience for everyone.

Seven Sonics by Shaela Noela

A multisensory transdimensional experience making use of breath work, vocal toning, and high-vibration mists: the Seven Sonics made of nature flower essences and essential oils. Learn about the healing powers of nature flower essences and essential oils while activating and harmonizing your 7 energy centers (chakras) to bring balance, intuitive awareness, and higher states of perception. Brought to you by Shaela Noella Roselena, founder of Roselena Alchemy creatrix of potions and music.

Empowering the Healer: Medicine Buddha and the 4 Immeasurables with Gabriel Laperle

An introduction to Tantric Buddhist mantra and meditation practice,  focusing on the powerful healing practice of the Medicine Buddha. I will also give instruction on how to use this meditation for healing of self and others, and how to use it to empower other modalities such as reiki, acupuncture, herbalism, etc

Music Parallels Life with Samuel Wexler

Music reflects existence. Join violinist, Samuel Wexler, in an interactive exploration of universal principles manifested in such forms as music, motion, and conscious living. By the end of this workshop, you can expect to have a deeper understanding of music and practical insights for applying this new understanding to every aspect of your daily life.

Samuel Wexler strives to share all that is real and pure. Whether it take the form of music, words, motion or art, Samuel creates from the soul. Samuel has been studying violin since the age of 9, and earned his Bachelor of Music- Violin Performance from CSU in 2012.  Wexler began playing at transformational festivals in 2011, where he keeps his violin always on his back, ready to play music whenever inspiration hits. Along the way, Samuel has enjoyed delving into various musical styles such as electronica, jazz, gypsy jazz, bluegrass and rock, and is constantly seeking to improve his skills in each. Samuel is an aspiring multi-instrumentalist, using violin, viola, mandolin, guitar, ukulele, keyboard, percussion and voice in both studio production, and his live loop project “Samueltaneous”. Wexler is dedicated to providing valuable offerings to the community in various forms such as yoga instruction, workshops, and performing music in diverse ensembles ranging from electronic fusion to progressive string quartet. Samuel is grateful for the journey, and excited to continue seeing how expression unfolds.

Exploring our Universes with Dr. Mark Wexler

This experiential workshop will explore the human sensory system as it relates to the inner and outer spheres of our existence. It will allow participants to be in their bodies in a new way, and lead to new sensory integration. This workshop is for everyone who wants to explore the inner and outer universe.

Dr. Mark Wexler has been a licensed psychologist, specializing in neuropsychology, for over 20 years. His degrees include a B.S. in Zoology from the University of Michigan, an M.Div., and a Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of Toledo. He has been the Executive Director at two Colorado hospitals and directed clinical programs to treat active duty, veterans, and dependents for PTSD, and Dual Diagnosis. Dr. Wexler served as an officer in the U.S. Army during Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm. He is also a certified 200 hour Yoga instructor, a black-belt martial artist, musician and composer, a licensed Zumba instructor, and teaches nightclub style Salsa in Colorado Springs.

Contacting the Dark with Damien Leuthold

Follow your curiosity and find nourishment in shared embodied perceptual play. In Contacting the Dark movement, touch, and vocalization are freed of the constraints of vision, verbalization, and social radar. It is a group somatic sensory exploration where you find a stronger relationship to your underworld even as you relate to others through movement and touch.Contacting the Dark is an experiential, non-substance induce altered and almost worm like state. It is practiced blindfold and within a safe sensuous but non-sexual container. Come discover satisfaction and richness of experience as you Contact the Dark. Please wear comfortable clothing that is easy to move in.

The Syntonic Yoga & Workshop offerings have been curated with love by Samuel Wexler and Damian Leuthold